The Graduate School of Engineering Master's Program was established in 1966 to teach and conduct research involving theory and application in specialized subjects in order to develop people with a refined scholarly aptitude.

The Graduate School of Agriculture Master's Program was established in 1969 to provide researchers and engineers with a broad perspective based on a generalized as well as specialized learning in Faculty subjects, as well as to impart a refined scholarly aptitude and the ability to theorize and to apply knowledge in specialized fields.

The Graduate School of Science was then launched in 1982 to develop people with the high-level specialized knowledge and research capability needed in the face of the rapidly developing field of natural science.

In 1990, the Graduate School of Engineering Doctoral Program was established to develop tomorrow's research and development leaders and give them a mind for cutting edge innovation, applied skills, and the flexibility and ambition to engage in state-of-the-art technology development research.

1997 saw the opening of the Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering as a fusion of engineering and science fields for the purpose of developing high-level engineers and researchers who would develop new interdisciplinary fields and achieve further innovations in science and technology.

And in 2006, the Applied Molecular Bioscience Division of the Graduate School of Medicine was opened to give students a grounding in medicine, engineering, science, and agriculture and develop people with the creativity and broad perspective needed to make a difference in research and development and clinical application for valuable molecules that could be used in medical treatment and promoting good health.

In 2016´╝îGraduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation was founded.